Our Works

Making content accessible across digital media

With new devices and platforms hitting the market faster than ever before, converting data into compatible formats is as important as creating data itself. From OCR to converting your print and digital data into a platform-neutral searchable format, we offer complete data conversion services. GIT is equipped with the infrastructural and human resources to keep your data updated, with a suite of technology,tools that ensure accurate, efficient and speedy delivery.

Corporate Learning & Performance

Driving organizational performance...

If you’re under pressure to improve both organizational performance and ROI, you need an experienced partner with expertise in every aspect of corporate learning and performance. GIT blends best-in-class for providing content for learning solutions with innovative digital technology and flexible resourcing models that meet your performance goals measurably and quickly, without expanding your permanent staff.

  • Learning analysis, strategy, and blueprinting.
  • On-demand workforce resourcing.
  • Learning content development.
  • Learning technology architecting, implementation, and support.
  • Mobile learning technology development and deployment.
  • Content digitization and redesign.
  • Learning management and administration services.

Banking, Finance & Insurance

The undisputed content experts

Whether it’s a prospectus from a brokerage house, a credit card or bank statement for your customers, insurance forms for your brokers, or regulatory filings for the Feds, profitability (and compliance) means getting the right information to the right people when and where they need it: on a laptop, in a browser, or on a mobile device.

GIT’s comprehensive content services are a single-vendor solution for efficiently transforming, managing, and distributing immense volumes of content.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies can’t trust just any provider: the services required by your industries are highly regulated. Content and resourcing strategies, document processing, even revenue cycle management must be tailored to meet unique corporate and legal requirements. GIT’s large years of experience with customized customer care and back-office services powers our work for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.


Control litigation costs. Mitigate risk. Remain compliant. Maximize attorney fees and minimize vendor expenses. And practice law at the same time. Easier said than done.

“Do more. But don’t charge more.”

Your clients are increasingly unwilling to pay for routine, high-volume administrative services like word processing and document review. As a result, attorneys face a dilemma: retain administrative staff at the expense of unreimbursed overhead, or reduce administrative staff at the expense of quality and turnaround. GIT’s document management solutions support teams can help clear backlogs for trial today, mitigate overflow going forward, and reduce your expenses across the board.

Data, documents, and compliance

For law firms and in-house counsels, the efficient management of data and information helps control litigation costs and mitigate the risk of counter-litigation. It’s also key for keeping track of contracts, documenting compliance with tax filing requirements both nationally and internationally, and protecting intellectual property.By turning over your administrative functions to GIT, you can reduce support and administrative staff without sacrificing quality and turnaround time.